Tuesday, February 9, 2010


What is ETSY?
What can you buy on ETSY?
Why would you buy ETSY items?

ETSY is an online shopping site where you can buy and sell  hand made arts and crafts, vintage clothing and household items.

Why shop on Etsy... why not just go to Walmart?

Etsy is full of amazing and beautiful things,  hand crafted  with care and creativity and vintage items worth keeping and using.   You can buy unique custom made  jewelry and clothing:  knitted hats and scarfs,  baby clothes, dog clothes, hand made pottery, paintings, porcelain and much much more. Etsy sellers wrap your purchase in pretty paper, place a small hand made gift in the package for you, they care! you are more than just another sale to them... I should say "us"   -   I am one of over 350,000 Etsy sellers....
  I love selling, and buying, on Etsy. 
The name of my shop is lavendarblue.

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