Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hester came to us in May 2002. A beautiful full grown hen who laid blue eggs.  She was a willing partner for our roo the minute he saw her, and hatched two sets of baby chicks that summer and every summer thereafter. One summer she even set 3 hatches, and she once set a turkey egg and mothered the poult! She was an excellent Mom a good protectrice who chased the cats all the way to the barn if they even looked at her chickies!
Hester was our Alpha Hen, which meant that no other hens chased her or her babies away from the feed.
We lost her late fall this year...sure miss our Hester. The tiny chick on the right would be Angel, who the kids fed angel hair spaghetti later that summer and who grew up to be a tiny rooster, and quite tame.

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